Making Military Life Easier

The Obier Family

Dear Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA,

Your YMCA branch and childcare services were a lifesaver to our family this summer. My husband was activated with the Air Force at Keesler for 6 months. I decided to move our four kids into our fishing camp in Ocean Springs for the summer so that we could feel some normalcy as a family. (We live in Louisiana.) It was tough living in a two bedroom camp with four children under the age of 7! Therefore, it was a breath of fresh air when we joined the Y! I was able to take an adult break and exercise while our kids were able to play with other children in child watch. Your YMCA truly got us through the summer and my husband’s 6-month activation. Not only that, my oldest two children are now confident swimmers!! I cannot thank you enough! You have blessed our family immensely!

– Laura Obier

Warren and Deb’s Y Story

The Morris’

“Since joining the YMCA, not only has our lives changed, but we’ve gained a new family, built character and feel stronger than ever about exercise. Every one has goals when it comes to fitness, but at the Y, we’ve not only got the support to reach those goals, but we’ve got friends who praise us every time we overcome the pain, the stress, or whatever we may be struggling with in life that sometimes causes delay in reaching those goals. Can’t imagine our life without the YMCA and it’s entire staff.”

– The Morris’

The Rickley Family Y Story

Camden and Kieran Rickley

“We can’t thank you enough for all you do for our family and community! My family moved here a little over a year ago (a long way from home) and we have met so many people through the Y! From classes, childwatch, our boys sports leagues, races you sponsor, meeting at the Y to run and so on, I don’t know what I wuld have done without you all at the YMCA! Thank you for all you do! Keep up the awesome work!”

-The Rickley’s
Justin, Libby, Camden and Kieran