Join The Y

Join The Y

Membership Types and Rates

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ONE TIME JOIN FEE: $50 (non-refundable)

Monthly Rates

  • FAMILY (members of your household claimed on your taxes): $64
  • YOUTH (11-17) STUDENT (18-21, with current school schedule): $17
  • SENIOR SINGLE (63+): $38
  • SENIOR COUPLE (63+): $52

We never turn anyone away for their inability to pay. Ask a member services representative about our grant program!

OUR MISSION: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Membership Benefits

  • No Contract!
  • Two Locations To Use
  • Indoor Heated Pool with Chair Lift, Steam Room and Jacuzzi
  • Outdoor Seasonal Pool
  • Fitness Center with new cardio equipment as well as new Nautilus selectorized equipment and free weight equipment
  • Indoor Walking Track
  • Free Childwatch for children 3mos.-12yrs. old while you workout
  • Free Fitness Classes

More Benefits!

  • Family-friendly Environment
  • Strength equipment from Matrix, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Nautilus and PurMotion
  • Cardio equipment from Matrix, Precor, Life Fitness, NuStep, Octane and Woodway curved treadmills; all cardio equipment has features such as touchscreens with programs, Netflix, scenic routes, Bluetooth, and more!
    Newly renovated group exercise rooms
  • Trained Wellness staff on-site
  • Personal Trainers available by request
  • New Member Orientations available
  • Free fitness and water classes
  • Savings on Program Fees
  • Showers and Dressing Rooms
  • Day Lockers
  • Aerobics Studio
  • Cardio Machines w/Flat Screens
  • LifeFitness Strength Equipment
  • Recumbent and Cycling Bikes
  • TechnoGym Treadmills
  • Row Machine
  • Full Selection of Free Weights
  • Speed Bag and Heavy Bag
  • Active Adult Programs

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Membership and Facility Information

The Y Welcomes participation of all people regardless of race, creed, color, gender, age, national affirmation or physical ability.

Day passes are $8 each visit. A guest application form must be filled out at the Member Services Desk. All guests under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/adult, and must have a legal parent/guardian sign a liability waiver before they are allowed in the facility. Please see guest policy below.

Individuals must be 11 years old to use the fitness center or indoor track. Anyone under 16 must complete a fitness and membership orientation. No open-toed shoes allowed in fitness areas or on indoor track. Please wipe down equipment after use.

A parent must accompany children under 8 years of age. Children 8-10 years old must have a parent in the facility and must take a swim test. Children 11 years old or older may use facility without parent supervision and must take a swim test.

The YMCA expects all participants to live the YMCA mission. Offensive language, slander of others, vandalism of property, and the use of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited. Weapons are not permitted on YMCA property. Actions not reflected in the mission are grounds for removal from facility by law enforcement officers or staff, and cancellation of the offender’s membership of program participation. Proper attire required in all areas.

Parents or designated adults are responsible for their children at all times when they are in the YMCA facilities until such times as a YMCA staff member or representative assumes responsibility for the children, as during a program or in Child Watch. Parental supervision of the children must resume immediately after a scheduled program concludes.

The YMCA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Day lockers are available at no charge to members. Please bring your own lock. Locker rentals are available, see member services.

Food and open or glass container drinks are not allowed inside the fitness areas, pool deck or on the indoor track.

All members must scan in at the Member Services Desk. Members must have a member key card to use the facility. Use of your card by another individual is not permitted.

Most YMCA programs are offered to members at a substantially reduced rate. Many programs have maximum capacities. Please register for all programs in advance of the starting date.

There will be a $30 service charge added to all check, credit card, or EFT items returned for non-payment (insufficient funds, etc.). This charge may be collected directly by the YMCA or by a third party on our behalf. Multiple returned items may result in limiting the forms of payment that the YMCA will accept from an individual.

Policy varies per programs and additional service charges may apply. All refunds must be approved by YMCA management and will be mailed to the address on file. Refunds may take up to two weeks (credit card may take longer).

Schedules are subject to change with minimal notice. The YMCA will make every attempt to foresee any necessary changes in schedules and post these changes at least one week in advance. Check Facebook and/or website for current schedules.

Air Conditioning, heating, television and radio will be adjusted by staff only. If you have a request, please see attendant on duty.

All YMCA facilities are tobacco free.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA occasionally photographs and/or videotapes our members and program participants in various activities. Some of these pictures of videos are used in YMCA marketing and/or fundraising materials. If you do not want your photo used by the YMCA, please step out of the shot or notify the photographer before the picture or video is taken.

Guest Policy

At the YMCA, we focus on nurturing the potential of youth, improving community health and well-being, and giving back. The Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA welcomes all guests into our facilities. Our guest policy is intended to allow guests to enjoy the Y and consider membership. Each guest is limited to three visits per calendar year and then may purchase a membership. In an effort to better serve our members, the YMCA may limit guest usage during peak times.


Guests are defined as anyone without an active YMCA membership. This includes relatives and friends of members from out of town.

  • Local guests (within a 50-mile radius) may receive a maximum of one complimentary day pass per 12 month period.
  • All guests get 1 complimentary 3 Day pass. Afterwards day pass are $10 each or $20 for a week’s pass.
  • YMCA Members may purchase a GUEST UPGRADE of $17 per month/per individual for their guests living at least 50 miles from the Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA facility being visited. Guests must be accompanied by the member. The upgrade will be no more than 2 months. If staying for 3 months, guests are encouraged to purchase 3- month membership.
  • From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, guests must be accompanied by a member in order to use the facilities on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • All guests must sign a waiver form and provide a picture ID that will be kept at Member Services during the visit.
  • Parent/legal guardian must sign a liability waiver before children under the age of 18 enter the facility.
  • All guests entering the wellness floor or attending classes, must be 11 years or older. Guests ages 11-16 must participate in the new member orientation process before being allowed to exercise.
  • Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior; misbehavior may result in the member’s loss of privileges.
  • YMCA Members may purchase a GUEST UPGRADE of $15 per month/per individual for their guests living at least 50 miles from the Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA facility being visited. Guests must be accompanied by the member. The upgrade will be no more than 2 months. If staying for 3 months, guests are encouraged to purchase 3- month membership.

Nationwide YMCA Membership

Nationwide membership enables you to visit any participating YMCA in the United States through membership at your home YMCA.  We offer this because we want to help you reach your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work or travel.  This is an essential part of our mission to strengthen communities.

Nationwide Membership is valid for active, full-facility YMCA members.  Nationwide members must use their home Y at least 50% of the time.  At your first visit to a Y other than your home YMCA, you will sign a waiver that will enter you into the Nationwide YMCA database and allow you access to the Nationwide membership.

Military Initiative

The YMCA appreciates those who have chosen to protect and serve our nation!  We offer a discount in the joining fee and membership dues for military and their families!

Information on submitting your application

New Membership Applications and Renewal Applications with required supporting documents must be emailed to the following correct Military Component Approving Official (MCAO). Do not email ASYMCA. Incomplete forms and forms sent to the incorrect email address will be returned and will delay your membership approval.

Army Active Duty Service Members:
Army Recruiting Command requests only:
Army National Guard (on Title 10 orders; Title 32 orders are not eligible):
Army Reserve:

Marine Corps Active Duty Service Members:
Marine Corps Recruiting Command only:
Marine Corps Reserve:

All Requests (Active Duty, Reserve):

All Requests (Active Duty, Air National Guard (on Title 10 orders; Title 32 orders are not eligible), Reserve):

Because this is a DOD federally funded initiative, Coast Guardsmen are not eligible, unless the following limited exception applies: a Coast Guardsman is joint deployed with a Command/Unit on Title 10 orders. In that case, the Coast Guardsman would submit an application to the Service branch with which they are deployed.


  1. The Service branch MCAO reviews all requests and forwards approved applications to ASYMCA to activate the membership.
  2. Once the ASYMCA receives an approved application from the MCAO, the ASYMCA provides the Service member instructions about how to activate the membership and works directly with the fitness facility to provide payment.
  3. Due to the popularity of this initiative, please allow up to 30 days for an ASYMCA representative to provide membership instructions. If you have not received confirmation of your membership within 30 days, you may request a status update via email at for YMCA memberships or for Private Fitness memberships.
  4. If you have questions regarding the DOD Military Outreach Initiative, please fill out the form below, or leave a voicemail at (571) 560-6836. Due to the high volume of requests, messages are returned within one week. Thank you for your patience and understanding!