Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

Model U.N.

The YMCA sponsors this program nation-wide. Both middle and high school students participate in Model U.N. Students form teams of 3 to represent a country. They research the country, choose one of the country’s problems and develop a solution for it to present to the other teams and school across the region and nation using a proposal in a debate style format with delegates and committees. Each team or country is able to have their proposal voting on utilizing the Model U.N.’s “mock election.” It is an excellent opportunity for young people to develop public speaking skills, researching, writing, debating, working with groups and teamwork, and leadership.

Youth in Government

This nationwide program offers Junior High and High School students the opportunity to learn about State, National and Global governments through hands-on, participatory experiences.

Community Youth Career Development Center

The CYCDC is designed for youth between 12-18 years old referred by the school, youth groups and organizations.  It provides needed enhancement services such as GED preparation, vocational educational skills, academic tutoring services, technology courses, social skills and substance abuse awareness training.

Reach and Rise

The Reach and Rise mentoring experience will provide diverse, highly trained adult mentors to help youth succeed in life through group mentoring relationships and therapeutic activities.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

The STEM program helps school-aged children reach their full potential by learning problem-solving techniques, critical-thinking skills, how to work in teams and develop self confidence.